A B&B sign that will attract passing trade! This one has a white aluminium frame and vinyl text. It will last many years longer than a wooden sign!

The circular café sign above was cut out of solid aluminium sheet to make a round panel, seen here suspended from a Traditional Scroll sign bracket.

This sign in a black painted aluminium frame has the text and logo gilded for maximum effect. The gold is 22ct gold leaf, which has a beautiful glow and catches light from all round.

Gilding can be applied to sign brackets as well, and is the most luxurious finish you can have.

This Indian restaurant sign features a powder coated aluminium frame with matching PVC panel, and text in reflective silver. The sign is suspended from a wrought iron scroll bracket.

 The sign above is hanging from our wrought iron Multi Scroll sign bracket. It is a hardwood sign and we supplied banding strips for security. These extend along the top edge of the sign and some way down the sides, which makes for a much more secure fixing.

The Vet sign is suspended from a Master 915 projecting sign bracket and has a flush 10mm PVC panel. This is the most economical way to make a waterproof sign. The steel bracket has 4 fixing points to provide secure installation even into soft limestone.

Above is a specially wide wrought iron bracket to allow the wooden sign to be seen without being masked by other projections on the neighbouring buildings.

Steel sign post with decorative ball finial, our multi-scroll suspended sign bracket and the sign fixed in an aluminium frame, all painted to mat                                 ch.

This Guest House sign is in an aluminium frame, suspended from a steel post with welded crossbar, all finished in ma tching colour

We can make projecting sign hangers to suit restricted access locations. The building above required a wall plate to fit within limited height. We made one with 4 fixing points to secure it to soft limestone.

An urgent job in London - a contemporary iron bracket for an illuminated studio sign. With 4 fixing holes pre-drilled it can be installed immediately.

This sign is hanging outside a cafe on the north coast of Iceland, where a cup of coffee is in great demand ! It is fixed to our wrought iron Traditional Scroll Bracket which is finished in black powder coating, the most durable finish you can get.

The bespoke Golden Bell pub sign was profile cut out of mild steel plate then welded into an ornamental wrought iron frame. It was finished with metallic gold paint, but we also offer to gild signs at extra cost using 22ct gold.

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