Refurbished banding strip for wooden signs, complete with welded eyelets.

This is the professional way to secure a wooden sign, with screws not only into the top of the wood frame but also horizontally on both sides. That way there is no chance the sign can fall out after a few years of rain and weather. This one has 9 screw holes = 4 of them in the sides.

Priced at £25.00 for quick sale. carriage £15.00

We have others in stock - please ask for dimensions.

A simple Pole Bracket projecting 840mm from the wall. It has a wall plate 150mm square drilled with 4 holes to provide a secure fixing. Painted gloss black it has eyelets spaced 410mm apart to hang your sign.

This is a one-off which was surplus to an order so is on offer for £74.00 + carriage £12.00

If you want something similar but a different size we can make it to your specifications.

A heavy duty exterior sign bracket ideal for large, heavy signs. I has 5 fixing points pre-drilled and the wall plate is 400mm wide and 580 mm high, giving a really rigid fix to resist the strongest winds.

The main horizontal bar is constructed from 50mm square tube and projects 960mm from the wall.

Price: £119.00 and carriage is £18.00

Wrought Iron Sign Brackets

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