Big Pole Hanging Sign Bracket  £99.50

Projecting Sign Brackets, powder coated black

Traditional Scroll Bracket £88.00. This timeless sign hanger bracket accepts signs 450mm to 750mm wide and up to  1200mm high with eyelets 400mm apart. Overall size 750mm x 350mm. The wall plates with 4 fixing holes and is 80mm wide: this makes it resist gale force side winds!


Big Traditional Scroll sign bracket £109.00

For hanging signs up to 1050mm wide. Overall size 1100mm x 450mm with a wall plate 100mm wide for maximum rigidity. Eyelets centred 550mm apart

Contemporary Suspended Sign Brackets - in two sizes

Master 610 - £79.00

A robust contemporary sign bracket, perfect for signs 450mm to 720mm wide up to 1.2m high. Overall size 750mm x 350mm.  Eyelets 400mm apart.

       STANDARD SIZE £79.00

Master 915 - £99.00

For bigger signs 700mm to 1050mm wide. Overall size 1100mm x 450mm. Eyelets 560mm apart. The wall plate is 100mm wide, drilled with 4 holes to give secure fixing even in soft limestone.

       LARGE SIZE £99.00

These heavy duty metal sign brackets are purpose-made following

designs created by an expert signmaker with years of experience. They are robust and all feature wide wall plates with 4 fixing points to keep them secure in high winds.

A large projecting pole bracket to suit suspended signs up to 1200mm wide, with optional pair of outriggers for maximum stability. Width 1340mm, eyelets 700mm apart.

Wall plate 250mm square with 4 holes.

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Steel D Shackles or Black Links £5.00

Priced per pair, steel “D” shackles or Black Chain links

to secure your sign to the wall bracket.

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Outriggers £24.00 per pair


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