The Guest House sign comprises a PVC panel fitted into an aluminium frame, powder-coated to match the post. The post has been made to order with a welded crossbar.

The lighting unit is very economical, with the brightest LED lights and is adjustable to suit the height of the suspended sign.

All types of suspended signs can benefit from illumination, and we offer specially made LED trough light units. The lights have adjustable angle for different size signs. Installation of the light units is simple - see below.

The diagram to the right shows a double-sided trough light unit being bolted to the projecting sign bracket. It is easy to install. First the crossbars are bolted either side of the sign bracket in 2 places.

Then the lights slide on to the lugs and are tightened when in the desired position. The angle of the beam can be adjusted to suit the size of the sign.

The Lanes Bar shows a Master 915 sign bracket with a hanging sign in an aluminium frame, powder coated black.

The downlight unit is a very economical LED system - a pair of trough lights which provide bright lighting but with very low power consumption. The lights are secured to the bracket with cross bars as in the photo below, and include adjustable angle for taller signs.

Pair LED lights 610mm wide   BLACK - £238.00

Pair LED lights 610mm wide  WHITE - £238.00

Pair LED lights 915mm wide  BLACK - £256.00

Pair LED lights 915mm wide  WHITE - £256.00

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Specialised LED lighting for projecting signs

The Brunel Brasserie sign shown here, belonging to The Royal Hotel, is illuminated by a pair of LED trough lights which can easily be adjusted to suit different height signs. They come complete with fixing bars ready to clamp on to existing projecting iron brackets.

Of course, being LED, they consume very little energy but plenty of light.

The lower reflections are from street lights !

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