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Shown here is a beautiful wrought iron bracket with a flush panel sign attached. The decorative leaves are forged in steel.

Please note that we offer gilding, which would have suited this bracket admirably: it is in fact just gold paint here!

BESPOKE wrought iron suspended sign brackets

We can make up custom mild steel brackets to your specification - just send us a sketch of what you want along with a note of the dimensions and size of the sign to be fixed to it so we can quote.

A scale illustration is included free of charge.

We made the Wine Barrel sign above to order, and it is probably the best traditional sign in the City!

The oak barrel will of course last for years and years. There are small scrolls top and bottom made from aluminium sheet and traditionally signwritten.

This suspended shop sign has decorative wrought iron scrollwork forming an attractive border to the metal  frame.

We can customise brackets to suit any awkward space, or even to fit on the corner of a building.

You want something really unusual ? Ask us ! We produced this sign about 18 years ago - before waterproof digital printing had really taken off. The climber was cut out of PVC board and hand-painted. It was a great success and we were asked to come back and add more features.

So for Bespoke Hanging Signs we are your best choice!

Above is a classic bar sign. These shaped signs are generally cut out of aluminium and finished to the chosen colour. It doesn’t matter how complex is the design because we use plasma cutting to achieve intricate details to a high degree of accuracy and then they can be welded into the main bracket.

Not just custom sign brackets: we can also make custom signs to go with them.

Above is a beautiful wrought iron sign hanger with scrollwork, and a matching design on the iron frame too.

The panel is made of composite aluminium with a full colour waterproof print applied to it.


This decorative bracket was made specifically to reach out beyond the neighbouring ones so that the sign could be seen clearly from a distance without obstruction. It is installed on a soft limestone wall and so has been made with 6 fixing points to make it secure. The wooden sign has a banding strip extending halfway down the sides to allow plenty of screws to hold it in place.

A delightful version of our Traditional Scroll bracket.

We made it to order for a new retail shop. It is embellished with hand forged leaves and an arrow head. The projecting sign above your shop is often the first sign customers see, so it is important to project an impressive image with your sign.

A pub called The Bell? What better sign could you have?

This one has been plasma cut out of mild steel sheet then welded

into a delicately scrolled iron frame made to suit.

The bell is painted gold, but we offer gilding as well, which gives the most luxurious finish.

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