Projecting sign bracket, the Master 610. It has 4 bolts on the wall plate to secure it against high winds. The sign is in an aluminum frame.

We can make projecting sign hangers to suit restricted access locations. The building above required a wall plate to fit within limited height. We made one with 4 fixing points to secure it to soft limestone.

 The sign on the right is hanging from our wrought iron Multi Scroll sign bracket. It is a hardwood sign and we supplied banding strips for security. These extend along the top edge of the sign and some way down the sides, which makes for a much more secure fixing with several screws horizontally into the wood frame.

The sign has a PVC panel fitted in a white aluminium frame. It is suspended from a traditional wrought iron bracket featuring scrollwork. Projecting signs need to be secure in high wind conditions, so ours have a wide wall plate with 4 bolt holes. This makes for a rigid fixing even in soft stone walls.

Our sign brackets can be fitted to steel posts, and we offer the posts with plastic caps or finials. If you prefer we can weld a crossbar to the top of the post.

The sign here is in an aluminium frame colour matched to the post. Generally these frames use plastic panels and so last for very many years - much longer than wooden signs.

Wrought Iron Sign Brackets

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