A beautiful and unique decorative floral sign bracket, hand forged to a high standard. It features hand-made flower petals painted red and with gold highlights. You will find no other bracket the same as this - it is a one-off.

Sale Price £69.00 + vat

Available for next-day shipping

Carriage to UK mainland £15.00 + vat.

Please call for payment info

Clearance item on sale. A beautiful steel sign hanger in traditional style featuring several scrolls.  Overall width 935mm x 450mm high on the wall plate - 4 fixing holes pre drilled. The eyelets are centred 500mm apart.

SALE PRICE £90.00 + VAT - Please phone for delivery info

Refurbished banding strip for wooden signs, complete with welded eyelets.

This is the professional way to secure a wooden sign, with screws not only into the top of the wood frame but also horizontally on both sides. That way there is no chance the sign can fall out after a few years of rain and weather. This one has 9 screw holes = 4 of them in the sides.

Priced at £25.00 + vat for quick sale.

Packing + carriage £15.00 + vat

Wrought Iron Sign Brackets


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