Traditional Scroll Bracket in TWO SIZES

Powder coated smooth black

This timeless hanging sign bracket accepts signs 500mm to 700mm wide and up to  1200mm high.

The eyelets 400mm apart. Overall size 750mm x 350mm.

The wall plates have 4 holes & are 80mm wide for optimum lateral rigidity


Big Traditional Scroll sign bracket

For signs up to 1050mm wide. Overall size 1100mm x 450mm with a wall plate 100mm wide for maximum rigidity. Eyelets centred 550mm apart

Big size £109.00

Master Sign Bracket in TWO SIZES

Master 610

A robust contemporary bracket, Perfect for smaller signs from 500mm to 700mm wide and Up to 1.2m high

Overall size 750mm x 350mm.  Eyelets 400mm apart.

       STANDARD SIZE £79.00 + vat

Master 915 Sign Bracket

For bigger signs 700mm to 1050mm wide. Overall size 1100mm x 450mm. Eyelets 660mm apart.

The wall plate is 100mm wide, drilled with 4 holes

to give secure fixing even in sofr limestone.

       LARGE SIZE £99.00 + vat

These metal sign brackets are purpose-made following

designs created by an expert signmaker with years of experience. They are robust and all feature wide wall plates with a minimum of four fixing points to keep them rigid in high winds.

in high winds

Big Pole Swing Sign Bracket.

Only £99.50 + vat

A large projecting pole bracket to suit suspended signs up to 1200mm wide, with optional pair of outriggers for maximum stability.

Overall width 1340mm, eyelets 700mm apart.

Wall plate 250mm square with 4 holes.


When ordered online - offer ends September 2017

            (Outriggers normally extra £25.00)

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